Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More on Race in Children's Literature

As I have been reading more into the issue of publishers whitewashing their covers, the more I've discovered how insidious the problem really is. From one site to another I have come across blog after excellent blog ruminating on the subject. I have collected these various articles and offer their links here.

Original Cover / Revised Cover

Check out Justine Larbalestier's comments on the situation of the cover of her own book here:

and her interview at Racebender.com

Apparently her book was not the first to feature someone of African origin (I do not say African-American since Larbalistier 's character is Australian). This is a common occurrence for characters of African origin.

Check out the conversation here:

And whitewashing doesn't stop there. Check out this interesting and insightful blog that brings up the problem with Asian characters and their representation on covers.


A few thoughts on native Americans and one particular cover:

And thoughts of the problem from an Indian-American author.


And finally, excellent ruminations on what to do about the problem of whitewashing, which asks the question: "Should I boycott the book or not?":

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